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Dumont Films is a global creative media production company that creates story-driven visuals for clients that seek start to finish workflow. Our mission is to move your brand forward by creating high-quality and meaningful content that inspires the next generation of consumers. We empower you with the tools to help build a strong digital presence and to challenge the status quo. Whether it is for recruitment, increasing exposure, boosting conversions, or building a powerful brand reputation, we are committed to doing just that.

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We help brands gain status and exposure by creating

story-driven content that fosters brand trust

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Quality content

We always put 100% into every single piece we create to assure your brand is showcased the best way possible. From the initial drafts all the way through to the final edits, we are committed to making your visions a reality.


Maintaining the authenticity of your brand while taking a creative approach to your demands is our number one priority. Especially in today's era of online marketing, it is crucial to tell a compelling story and stand out.


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Aerial cinematography allows us to show the viewer a different perspective and is a key element to realize your vision without limitations. With the arrival of new technology, FPV drones give us the tools to make your brand stand out even more.

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SOCIAL content

Composed of creative and dynamic team members, we know what it means to create a video that is specific to a certain digital platform. We promise to deliver content that is catered to the preferred size of the screen, digital platform, and audience.

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Chuck Dumont is a creative director and content creator based in Quebec, Canada.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Business Degree, Chuck has a deep understanding of the reality of his clients. His professionalism and ease to work with will reflect his years in the business world.

During university, he did a student exchange in London, UK. Acquiring new skills along the way, he traveled to more than 13 countries. These exceptional experiences shaped his personality and inspired him to always push his skill-sets.


His thirst for adventure and for inspiring others through his work allows him to constantly tried to bring his craft to perfection.

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